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The Alchemist's Stone by Kevin WohlerThe Alchemist’s Stone
Book 2 in The Village Alchemist series

After more than half a century, alchemist Malcolm Ward had yet to complete his magnum opus, the philosopher’s stone. Then a young man appeared with the ability to transmute elements with a simple touch.

For more than a year, Malcolm has taken Danny as his apprentice, hoping to guide the young man to control his power and unlock the secret he is missing for his philosopher’s stone.

But others are looking for Danny, too. Agents from the US Treasury department are trying to find the young man who can turn lead into gold. Meanwhile, a dark spirit entity that possesses those gifted with special abilities has set its sights on Danny, too.

To stay ahead of the government and to destroy the dark entity, Malcolm might need to learn a trick or two from his apprentice. Is it alchemy…or something else? In Salt City, there are no easy answers.

The Alchemist’s Stone is the second book in The Village Alchemist series. It is scheduled for a 2017 release, and it will be available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. It will also be available in paperback.

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The Alchemist's Notebook by Kevin WohlerThe Alchemist’s Notebook
Book 1 in The Village Alchemist series

As Salt City’s only alchemist, Malcolm Ward has been minding his own business for the last ten years. His shop, The Village Alchemist, caters to mages, mystics, and magic wannabes—including Tommy DeLuce, the mayor’s son. But when a fire elemental kills Tommy, the city council demands that Mal investigate.

The trail from the fire elemental to Tommy isn’t exactly a straight line; it’s more like a circle. An elemental means alchemy, but everyone assumed Mal was the only alchemist in town. Now he’s taking it personally.

Malcolm’s alchemical mojo is a bit rusty, so he’ll need help from his friends in the metaphysical community to uncover the truth about Tommy’s death. And he needs to do it soon, before more customers go missing.

Add to Goodreads The Alchemist’s Notebook is available exclusively at Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle reading apps and as a trade paperback.

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