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“Trophies” — The first of my Straeon Manor stories. First published at The Confabulator Cafe.

“Bells” — My second Straeon Manor story, set 15 years after the first. First published at The Confabulator Cafe.

“Luck Be a Lady” — A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine story written for the Strange New Worlds short story contest back in the late ’90s. Though it was never published, I feel it captures the characters in the DS9 universe.


Dimensional Abscesses, an anthology from Evil Alter Ego Press. 2015“Paradise Out of Order” in Dimensional Abscesses

Malcolm Ward is a modern-day alchemist and the owner and proprietor of The Village Alchemist, a shop that offers all kinds of solutions to all kinds of problems. When someone comes looking for a special portal, Mal has to tell him the unfortunate truth about good magic gone bad.

Published in 2015 by Evil Alter Ego Press.

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A Method to the Madness, edited by Michell Plested and Jeff Hite“Ultimatums: Giving Up the Element of Surprise” in A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil

“High-Tech” Tommy started his career developing technologically advanced weapons and doomsday devices for super-criminals in the 1970s. But these days he’s doing what he can to teach up-and-coming villains, hoping they will learn from his mistakes.

Published in 2013 by Five Rivers Publishing.

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